About me

My name is Joshua Edgcombe and I am a Computer and Electrical Engineering graduate student at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan with a strong background in software development. I originally learned to program in 2008 and have since learned to develop software in many different programming languages in a variety of environments including web, native, system, and embedded. I also have experience with test driven development, version control, and other common development practices.

My greatest interest lies in embedded systems development. I have experience working with a number of microcontroller’s including the Atmel ATMega328P(via Arduino), Parallax’s Basic Stamp microcontrollers, Ti’s MSP432 family(for which I wrote a basic driver library), Ti’s OMAP-L138, and several Xilinx FPGA’s. Mixing my background in software development with my experience in electrical engineering, I am very capable of developing both the software and hardware for IoT devices.

Currently, I spend the majority of my time studying and working on schoolwork. In my free time I’m typically exercising, reading, or working on personal projects. I’m a lifelong learner and will pursue every opportunity I can to learn and grow. Growing up in Grand Rapids I have also grown fond of enjoying a locally brewed craft beer with a couple friends to unwind at the end of a long week.